Workshops and Continuing Education Courses 

Skillful Touch and Adjustments

Hands on adjustments in yoga are something that can be extremely beneficial if performed correctly. Adjusting skills are developed through understanding of body mechanics, anatomy and movement. This course is focused on developing solid body reading and adjusting skills.

Rocket Vinyasa 

Dynamic flow immersion

Larry Schultz created the Rocket series, based on a modification of the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga primary and intermediate series. The perfect marriage of tempo and sequence. These advanced routines are appropriate for all levels levels of students. With plenty of ways to modify the classical poses, the benefits of the poses are transmitted equally to renew vitality and energy.


This vibrant routine is called the “Rocket” because, “it gets you there faster.” The Rocket is designed to wake up the nervous system and feed it the precious prana it craves while promoting a spirit of change and freedom in the practice. 

Therapeutic Yoga

Learn the use of yoga props and help yourself and others effectively

We have learned to live with our aches and pains and take them as normal. Yoga, practiced with consciousness can bring postural changes and healing to the body and the mind. To understand the therapeutic aspect of yoga we must develop first body reading skills based on perception, clear alignment, focused awareness, self - study and anatomical knowledge.

We will learn to prevent injuries and manage conditions in ourselves and others. We will discover the healing power of yoga through knowledge and the ability to look deeply.

Vinyasa Krama

The Heart of Yoga

Krishnamacharya is the father of modern yoga, the teacher of teachers: Iyengar, Pathabi Jois, Desikachar among others. He used to teach and practice Vinyasa Krama.


Vinyasa Krama is a practice that involves the correct use of the breath, the bandhas or energetic locks and an intelligent way of sequencing. We will learn how to create sequences, how to prepare the body for specific postures, how and when to do counterpostures to avoid negative effects of asana .


Vinyasa Krama inegrates all the principles that make yoga a meditation in movement while restoring the breath and changing postural patterns.

Flying is the ability of moving softly through the practice when one is balancing on the hands without the feet touching the ground. Flying integrates different elements of yoga to make it possible. The ability of creating lightness and floating gracefully from one pose to the other depend on understanding the bio-mechanics of the body, knowing how to position the bones in relation to gravity.


Balancing on your hands has many benefits and calms the mind. Some of the arm balancing and inversion techniques we will practice are: headstand, forearm stand, scorpion, handstands (multiple variations), crow posture, side crow, one legged crow, “crazy eight” posture, tripod headstand, peacock posture and more.