TAV 200 hrs Trainings

We create confident and effective teachers in a safe, supportive and fun environment. We focus on developing solid teaching skills, postural alignment awareness and ground control. In this training the students will learn how to prepare sequences for their own personal practice and for teaching others, having a deep understanding of anatomy, yoga philosophy, breathing and the role of asana in the yoga practice.


The students will learn how to connect with their inner knowledge and intuition. Bringing out their voice, developing confidence and security to facilitate and tailor a yoga class for beginners.

We are proud to say that most of the graduates of our program have a yoga teaching job, own a studio, teach privates or are actively sharing their yoga knowledge around the world

Course Outline

History of Yoga:

- Patanjali

- Krishnamacharya

- BKS Iyengar, Pattabhi Jois, TKV Desikachar,

- History of Vinyasa Yoga



- Yoga sutras

- Three gunas

- Om

- How real is reality? How mind works?

- Meditation, importance and practice

- Eastern philosophies



- Full yogic breath

- Ujjayi breath

- Nadi sodhana

- Breath and movement

- Working with sequences and breath



- Names (Sanskrit, English and Chinese)

- Standing, floor, back bending, core strengthening, arm balancing and inversions

- Practice, technique, benefits and contraindications of each posture

- Verbal instructions and adjustment skills


Functional anatomy of the human body:

- General concepts of anatomy

- Anatomy of the spine

- The muscles of breathing

- The lower extremities

- The shoulder girdle

- The pelvic girdle

- The muscular chains (anatomy trains)


Cleansing techniques and energetic system of human body:

- Kapalabhati (breath of fire)

- Nauli, benefits and practice

- Energetic channels

- Bandhas, theory and practice

- Chakras


Vinyasa sequencing:

- Principles for sequencing

- How to manage a syllabus

- Creating beginners and intermediate sequences

- Sequencing your day, your week

- Practice and teaching of sequences


Teaching skills and etiquette:

- Principles of teaching

- Ethics of teaching

- Developing your voice

- Vocabulary

- Teaching philosophy

- How to manage a class, being a responsible yoga teacher