Victoria Boast

London, England

One of the most important things to look at when choosing a yoga course is who is teaching the program?

Knowing that Pablo would be leading my training course made my decision to join a very easy one. Pablo’s approach to teaching others is beyond inspiring and his knowledge of yoga anatomy is unrivalled. I learnt more during my course from him than I ever thought possible and no question or query was too much trouble or went unanswered.

His kind demeanor with a huge helping of humor made my TAV course one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life and one I will never forget.

Pablo has given me the confidence to set up my own classes and using everything he taught me I find myself growing more and more as a teacher every day. I will always be grateful to him as a teacher and mentor.

Vivian Yang

Shanghai, China

I was in TAV TTC in fall of year 2014... Time flies, Always recall all memorable moments all the time. 

The most important thing I'd like to share is teach yoga does not only mean how deep we get into asana, most likely we also need to understand our student first, their personality, learning skills from visually, auditorilly, kinesthetically. How to set up appropriate sequence. How to read students body. How to make student enjoy the classes and come back. How to adjust postures and how to make your own style and rhythm. 

In this training. I got all answers from my teachers Pablo and Fela. They are inspiring, passionate, professionals make me felt like keep learning keep practicing  and keep reading. Seek to deepen our own knowledge. And they both keep giving their knowledge to us, they told us teaching is like wheel, it will never stop rolling. They guide us to enjoy yoga journey to make our soul grow in every single asana/sequence.

Don't miss this training. You'll definitely get more than what you expected. 


Eva Huang

Shanghai, China

I took the TAV TTC  in Dec of 2015. It's been almost one year since I started to teach yoga. I am really glad I choose Pablo and Fela's TTC to start my teaching journey. They are the top teachers in China with incredible passion. Their training is the best TTC you can get in China. Thanks to these two amazing teachers and their efforts, I'm so proud of being a yoga instructor and sharing yoga with other people. 

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