Advanced Trainings

Functional Anatomy for Yoga

The purpose of this course is to learn and develop solid biomechanics in asana through anatomical knowledge, learning to observe a human body and understand what is correct alignment from a human point of view regardless yoga styles.


The anatomy for yoga course expands the knowledge gained in a foundational 200 hours training. This is a theorico - practical course in which we will explore asana from the perspective of fascia, correct movement, activity and relaxation.


The human body and its relation to gravity are one of the key points of the asana practice. We will learn how the body is connected, what are the muscular chains or anatomical trains, relationships between body parts, how postural patterns are created and how they could be changed.


Most yoga injuries come from lack of understanding of the body and misconceptions. Knowing anatomy helps us to bring more awareness into our practice and dissolve myths of bad alignment. 

To be taught intensively for 6 days or 2 weekends including Friday 


- Basic anatomy knowledge.

- Certified 200 hrs yoga teacher or equivalent.

Course Content:

- Review of basic anatomy and physiology

- Fascia and its role in postural patterns and asana

- The fascial tracks. How the body is organized

- Superficial back line and asana

- Superficial front line and asana

- Lateral line and asana

- Balance of the superficial lines

- The spiral lines and asana

- The functional lines and asana

- The deep front line and asana

- Initianting movement from the core

- Bio - mechanical principles for movement

- Basics for body reading or visual assesment of posture